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The questionnaires next identified some areas of possible concerns by management when using derivatives and asked firms to rate their degree of concern with each issue. Figure 3 summarizes the results.
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Many US firms report “high” or “moderate” concerned with all twelve issues raised whereas German firms express little concern with almost all of the issues. These results give rise to several questions: Why are US firms more anxious when using derivatives? Are German companies ignorant of the risks implied in the list of concerns or are they more confident in mastering those risks? The perception by the public is the only issue where slightly more than 20% of the German companies are highly concerned with another 15% indicating moderate concern. This is one of the major issues with the US firms but not the most important one.
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One is tempted to argue that accounting earnings matter to managers because of their relevance to analysts’ perceptions and predictions of future earnings and because of their relevance in management compensation. Both arguments are less relevant for smaller companies that are typically more often closely held and hence should have less incentive to focus on earnings. However, from Table 2 we can infer that smaller companies stress accounting earnings more often as a hedging goal than larger companies.
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